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Python Developer

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Python Developer

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¡Desafíate! Muéstranos tu talento y déjanos llevarlo más allá del límite. Buscamos geeks inconformes con lo ordinario.

Trabaja con los mejores, nuestro equipo está cambiando la forma en que las personas interactúan con la tecnología. ¡Te queremos de nuestro lado!


Minimum 2 years experience:

  1. Experience working with AWS Lambdas with Python
  2. Ability to work as a team member.
  3. Experience working with AWS.


  1. Managing the software development lifecycle.
  2. Solve complex development tasks and able to create software architecture for medium/high complexity solutions.
  3. Strong architecture skills, with the ability to select the best stack for each project.
  4. Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code.
  5. Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications.
  6. Implementation of secure systems and data protection measures.
  7. Monitoring system performance.
  8. Knowledge of relational and/or non-relational databases.
  9. Provide time estimations for development sprints and specifications.
  10. Developing and executing project plans.
  11. Communicating key project data to team members and building cohesion among teams.
  12. Creating innovative solutions to meet our company’s technical needs.
  13. Mentoring of Junior and graduate members of a development team.

Conocimientos específicos necesario

  1. Experience working with AWS Cloud.
  2. Knowledge of AWS serverless
  3. Building AWS Lambdas with python
  4. Knowledge about PEP8
  5. Backend experience in the following web technologies and frameworks:
  6. Core Python
  7. Solid knowledge of the Python working environments.
  8. Creation of micro-services based in Python
  9. Must be proficient with front-end technologies for Python.
  10. Understanding multiprocess architecture.
  11. Experience working with Rest API and Docker Containers.
  12. Excellent organizational, time management, written and verbal communication skills.
  13. Proactive and pay attention to scalability, availability, code quality, organization and automatization.
  14. Ability to work with a co-operative team.
  15. Comfortable in learning new coding languages and frameworks, and seamlessly switching from one to another, when required.
  16. Very good programming skills (Object Oriented, Data Types, Methods, Algorithms, Generics, Interfaces, Delegates, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Arrays).
  17. Hands-on programming experience using relevant frameworks.
  18. Excellent coding skills.
  19. Experience in one or more of the most commonly used web applications stacks.
  20. Good working knowledge of T‐SQL (complex queries, stored procedures, views, functions).
  21. Knowledge of agile methodologies.
  22. Proficient understanding of code versioning tools (Knowledge of Gitflow)
  23. Experience working with Cloud platforms like AWS.

Conocimientos específicos deseados

  1. Knowledge of APIGee.
  2. Knowledge of FastAPI.
  3. Knowledge of API.
  4. Knowledge about PEP0, PEP11, PEP20
  5. Experience working with clients and business partners.
  6. Databases (Sql or NoSql) experience: – Mysql, Sql Server, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Redis.
  7. Knowledge of Continuous Integration (Azure and AWS).
  8. Understanding of Test-Driven Design (TDD), especially unit testing.
  9. Knowledge of Databricks for Phyton.


Degree in a relevant IT discipline such as Computer Science or Software Engineering

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